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Epic games are giving for free one of the best indies to play

As for the game itself, it's the first game from Josef Fares. Before Fares released A Way Out and before he released his most recent game, It Takes Two, which won him the Game of the Year Award at The Game Awards, Fares released Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The game hit back in 2013 via studio Starbreeze Studios and publisher 505 Games, and when it was released, it garnered a 90 on Metacritic. Like his other games, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was in the chatter for Game of Year come December of that year."A man, clinging to life. His two sons, desperate to cure their ailing father, are left with but one option," reads an official story synopsis of the game. "They must set out upon a journey to find and bring back the "Water of Life" as they come to rely on one another to survive. One must be strong where the other is weak, brave where the other is fearful, they must be... Brothers. This is one journey you will never forget."


Dead Island 2 might actually be out by early 2023

Remember Dead Island 2? Announced in 2014, the undead action game was later delayed, switched developers (twice), and then fell off the map in a very literal sense. For a while, it was an annual tradition for publisher Deep Silver to insist that the game is still in development; in 2021 it came to light that Dead Island 2, if it ever actually happens, will be an Epic Games Store exclusive. As announced by developer Yager, Dead Island 2 is set for release next year. Specifically, the reveal of the postponement was made via the game's official Twitter. As for the reasons for the postponement, according to Yager, they have to do with the progress of the development process, as they are not satisfied with the progress so far. The developers said that they are aware of the frustration of Dead Island 2 fans, but they are confident that the result will be a better game for everyone.


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