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PlayStation VR2: Sony unveils new virtual reality mask

The Japanese company's new gadget requires a connection to the PlayStation console to operate, and will be accompanied by two controllers that will allow you to "navigate" the virtual world.

Sony has unveiled the PlayStation VR2, the new virtual reality mask that should be considered a direct competitor to Meta's Quest.

The Japanese company's new gadget requires a connection to the PlayStation console to operate, no availability price or release date was announced, and - like the Meta Quest 2 - will come with two controllers that will allow "navigation" in the virtual world of the metaverse and video games. In addition, PS VR2 will support 4K quality graphics and will incorporate a head motion tracking system.

Sony announced that the PlayStation VR2 will also include a lens adjustment feature so that the individual user can adjust the distance of the lens from the eye to get the best viewing experience. In addition, compared to Sony's previous model, the VR2 will feature a significantly slimmer design.

Notably, Meta has committed to investing $10 billion by next year to develop the metaverse universe and has announced the $300 Quest 2 which will allow users to navigate the virtual worlds.However, Sony is not following the same strategy by insisting on interfacing the mask with its consoles, thus maintaining the relationship of this gadget with the gaming part.

"Our goal is to create a headset that will not only be an attractive item in our living room decor, but will allow you to immerse yourself in a new game world, to the point where you forget you're using a mask or controller," said the Japanese company's top PlayStation executive, Hideaki Nishino.

"When PS VR2 launches it will be a giant leap forward in the way we play video games in virtual reality," Nishino added.

here is a video trailer of the product:


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