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The Biggest Gaming News For May 10, 2022

Tyler Ganza, a professional player, gets fined for violating the rules; Even though it wasn't supposed to have zombies, Left 4 Dead still had them;Metal Gear Solid 5 doesn't let the player have a chance for peace.

I’m confident that you’ve been working hard today, you’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to keep up with the gaming world, but don’t worry because we are here to help. Tyler Ganza, a professional Halo Infinite player, has been penalized by the Halo Championship Series for his swearing , The developers of Left 4 Dead almost didn’t add zombies to the game, but they changed their minds at the last minute they said that they were on the verge of removing zombies from the game because they thought they were too cheesy, and Metal Gear Solid 5 actually doesn't provide a path to achieving nuclear disarmament


Left 4 Dead Almost Didn't Have Zombies Because They Were Seen As "Too Cheesy"

It’s said that the developers of Left 4 Dead initially didn’t want to include zombies because they were deemed to be “too cheesy. The news is from a recent interview with the game's key developer. Chet Faliszek, who found out that Gabe Newell was the one behind it all.I had dinner with Gabe and he said that if you look at zombie movies,Night Of The Living Dead is about the fear of being alone.Dawn Of The Dead is a cautionary tale about the dangers of consumerism. Well, it's about working together, it's the game itself,It's a manifestation of the game"," Faliszek said.We would be gradually pushed more and more because I remember he said 'well, let's not do a zombie apocalypse,zombies are just too easy.' Back in the time, you didn't have The Walking Dead TV series and all of this.


Metal Gear Solid 5 Nuclear Disarmament Mission Appears Impossible, According to Investigation

The hazardous mission about nuclear disarmament in Metal Gear Solid 5 was finally beaten last year by a group called The Anti-Nuclear Movement. Notwithstanding that, it turns out they had to cheat.The Anti-Nuke Gang has just confirmed that it is impossible to complete this mission telling you that we ran into an unbeatable set of nukes that don’t have a owner

The group went on to say that “if you have played MGS5 Forward Operating Base system, a nuke is always placed on a FOB after a player creates it. Nevertheless, there were around 40 of these nukes that were invincible and didn’t have FOBs


Professional Halo Infinite Player Fined For Complaining About Second Season

Tyler Ganza, a professional Halo Infinite player with eUnited, has been penalized by the Halo Championship Series , The player went on for a long tirade against the recently released second season for swearing. "The gun keeps jamming and the movement is all messed up"

I can’t turn off the speed lines. Who the fuck gave the go ahead for this update,” Ganza remarked, I really like the game, but this update is terrible,Ganza then made several similar comments.Being fined, a few days later, I’d like to take this chance to apologize to nobody, I remain steadfast in my belief that everything I’ve said is true. Ganza has not disclosed how much he was fined,however, the Halo Championship Series can issue a penalty of up to $2,000 for “egregious profanity.”


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